Properties and Application of Common Materials

Material Abbreciation Properties Hardness range shore A Application
Natural Rubber NR Advantage: good elasticity,gas tightness and insulating property,excellent flexing resistance,low heat,small hysteresis loss,blend with variety of rubber,good processability. Disadvantage: oil resistance,acid resistance,alkali resistance,weather resistance and chemical resistance is poor. 40-90 Manufacture: tread,tire body,tire sidewall,tire tube,rubber tube,rubber belt,general mechanical seals,sponge product,,medical device,latex product,etc
Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber NBR Oil resistance,benzene resistance,hydrocarbon resistance and ageing resistance is good.Along with increasing content of the acrylonitrile,NBR's oil reststance,benzene resistance,wear resistance,heat resistance,hardness and tensile strength is better,but resilience,low tempreature flexing fatigue resistance,compression set is worse. 40-90 Manufacture:oil resistance product,moulded product,sponge product,industrial rubber roller,oil resistance rubber shoe,rubber sheath of wire and cable,adhesive and building material,etc.
Hydrogenated butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber HNBR HNBR is one of the NBR that is catalyzed by hydrogenation ,have excellent heat resistance,low-temperature resistance,ozone resistance,high-energy radiation resistance,oil resistance,alkali resistance,oxidant resistance,and its physical property is very good. 40-90 Applicable to automobile,mechanical engineering,petroleum industry.In petroleum industry,HNBR can be used to the stators of pump and engine,protective jacket of drill pipe,valve seals,oil-well seals,etc.
Ethylene Propylene Rubber EPDM Heat resistance,ozone resistance,weather resistance,chemical resistance,low temperature resistance and dielectrical property is good.EPDM is able to tolerate a range of chemicals,including polar solvent(such as ketone and esters),hot water and 200℃ steam(without air). 40-90 Manufacture: automobile diaphragm,rubber cup,rubber dirt-proof boot,brake mechanism,sealing strip,rubber tube and products of the various chemical resistance.
Chloroprene Rubber CR Solvent resistance,oil resistance,acid-base resistance,weather resistance,ozone resistance and hydrolysis resistance is good.Gas tightness is just worse than IIR. 30-90 Manufacture:heat-proof sheath of wire and cable,oil-proof rubber product,sealing strip of building,highway caulking sealant,bridge support,water-proof cap of wire in oil field,automobile oil-proof rubber tube,acid-base proof rubber product,rubber product of weather resistance,flame resistance rubber products,sealing gasket,etc.
Butyl Rubber IIR Heat ageing resistance,ozone ageing resistance,weather ageing resistance,corona resistance,electric insulating and water resistance is good. 30-80 Manufacture:machinery product,product of vibration and isolation,water-proof sheet in building,seal and gap filling product.
Fluoroelastomer FKM FKM has excellent high-temperature resistance,can be used for a long time at 200℃,and can be used for a short time at 300℃.FKM has excellent performance that is vacuum resistance,strong acid resistance,high concentration of hydrogen peroxide resistance,strong oxidant resistance,vatiety of organic solvents resistance,variety of oil resistance,superheated water and steam resistance,weather resistance,ozone ageing resistance,fire resistance,moderate doses of radiation resistance. 50-90 Manufacture:automobile engine seals,aircraft engine seals,high-temperature seals and oil-field seals.
Fluorinated silicone rubber FVMQ The fluoride group have substituted the side chain of organosilicone's main chain,so FVMQ not only have high and low temperature resistance,weather resistance,ozone resistance,electrical insulation,fire resistance,non-toxic,physiological inertia,but also have oil resistance,solvent resistance and chemical resistance. The resistance to aromatic,aliphatic series,fuel oil,lubricating oil and hydraulic oil is excellent. 30-80 Applicable to military industry,automobile parts,petrochemical industry,medical and health industry,electrical and electronic industry.