Molded industrial rubber parts

★ Material: as customer design

★ Hardness: as customer demand

★ Pressure bearing: according to different material and hardness

★ Compound material:

Selecting various types of rubber according to customers'technical specifiction and application,matching up with chemical reagent to formulate various shapes products.

★ Characters:

excelent property to absorb engery of vibration and impact, and be good at dampening;be good at weather resistance, and have best sealing performance; excellent oil-resistance, resist against expansions from fatty oil, lube oil, as well as resisting to acid or alkali chemical mediums;bearing temperatureas low as -60℃, as high as 350℃ .

Can be customized according to the customer to map processing.


Pump ﹠ Valve、Auto instrument、Pneumatic patrs、Gas equipment、Electronic products、Electric equipment、Air﹠Liquefy Products。

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