Rubber Cap

★ Diameter:5-1500mm;

★ Material: as customer demand;

★ Temperature range:-50℃-300℃;

★ Tensile strength: 0.1 to 15Mpa

★ Compound material:

Compounded products from elastomer rubber ﹠ textile fabric、 applies in regulator valve、 the cam winding valve、 the three axle meter、 the consolidometer、 the application temperature from -38℃ to 200℃, working pressure 0-14 Mpa. Character: Running long、 low friction、 free lubricating.

★ Character:

Application: Valve、regulating valve、automatic device、 the switch and the counter where pressure、 temperature、 fluid position is exist、 The advantage is stability、 flexible and long working life.

Can be customized according to the customer to map processing.


Pump ﹠ Valve、Auto instrument、Pneumatic patrs、Gas equipment、Electronic products、Electric equipment、Air﹠Liquefy Products。

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