Rolling Diaphragm

★ Diameter:5-1500mm;

★ Material: as customer demand;

★ Temperature range:-50℃-300℃;

★ Tensile strength: 0.1 to 15Mpa

★ Compound material:

Reinforced fabric(Nylon、Polyester、Fiberglas、Nomex and other reinforced fabric) as the skeleton coated with the rubber elastomer(NBR、NR、EPDM、FKM、Silicone and other special elastomer) one side or both sides. Thickness(0.15mm-5mm) and elastomer is different according to special requirement.

★ Character:

long running;only one side bearing low pressure than piston;particle, the impurity, and the coal tar in the medium are allowed;rolling friction between the cylinder and pallet during working is vey low.

Can be customized according to the customer to map processing.


Pump ﹠ Valve、Auto instrument、Pneumatic patrs、Gas equipment、Electronic products、Electric equipment、Air﹠Liquefy Products。

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